New Vagabonding

I wasn’t surprised that this adventure would become a creative project that Rachael and I would dive into together. I was pleasantly surprised though by how rich and inspiring it has become. There are plenty of stories from the past year that still beg to be told. There are plenty more to come and possibly new ways to tell them as well. We intend to continue to be Vagabond Naturalists, no matter where we are, and that we can bring our experiences to others in a creative and constructive way.
We met many folks along the way that encouraged us that our adventures and insights were worth while, that we had something of value to share. One of these people planted a seed about crowdfunding and led me to Patreon.

I have reservations about dipping into the well of support that we’ve already gotten from people here. It has been motivating to know that a lot of wonderful people have spent some time with our journey.  We thought we could put this further out into the Universe and see where it can go.

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